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Assignment one:

For this assignment, you will begin your annotated bibliography of the articles you are reviewing regarding your topic area in health psychology.  For this assignment, you can use new articles you find to support your research in addition to any articles you read. Be sure to note at the end of the article how useful the article may be for your literature review.  In addition, please include articles you reviewed in Week 3.  Begin compiling research articles for your annotated bibliography this week.

Review any changes or additions to your mind map based on the original interest in the topic.  How do your interests stack up against the research? Please note the same rules for a citation apply to other documents (such as proper paraphrasing and use of quotation marks where necessary) apply to Annotated Bibliographies as well.  It is not acceptable to cut and paste from the abstract or the body of an article.  Rather, it is expected that you will read the article completely and appropriately paraphrase the necessary material.  For those few situations where paraphrasing is not acceptable, then material that has not been paraphrased must be placed in quotation marks.  Please refer to the University Integrity Policy and tutorial for more information on this.

Length: 7 – 10 annotated bibliographies of research articles.  

Assignment two:

Your assignment this week is to prepare a paper that describes the three main ethical principles for research as outlined in The Belmont Report.  Then, using the principle of justice, evaluate the research you have gathered thus far to determine if subject selection followed this principle.  Some aspects of this principle you will reflect on are: Does the subject selection sufficiently reflect diversity to make the results of the study generalizable to a general population?  Pay attention to specific areas such as age, gender etc. Were individuals chosen as participants who can expect to benefit from the study?   In the case that a diverse group was chosen as the only participants, does this reflect a particular logic or reasoning from within the study, or does this reflect a convenience selection?  

These and other issues should be addressed in your paper.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

Resources: Do not include resources other than those identified in the assignment..

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