Wk 7 Critically Thinking

Source- Media Now 10th Edition

Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology

Authors: Joseph Straubhaar, Robert Larose, Lucinda Davenport

200-300 words 


For this assignment, you will pick 2 questions from the specified chapters (4 total) and answer each with a minimum of 2 paragraphs that are 3–5 sentences.

Read Chapter 11 of the Straubhaar et al. text. Select 2 questions from the list below to answer:

1.      Are smartphones and tablets making PCs and TVs obsolete? Explain.

2.      How has your smartphone changed your life for better? For worse?

3.      Now that you can have a two-way wrist TV, what would you use it for?

4.      Describe how a cell phone works so that a 12-year-old child could understand it.

5.      What will your mobile phone be like in 2020?

6.      What is the justification for taking spectrum away from television and giving it to mobile providers?

7.      Now that you know your cell phone is a threat to your privacy, what will you do?


Read Chapter 15 from the Straubhaar et al. text. Select 2 questions from the list below to answer:

1.      What were the uses and gratifications of each of the media you consumed yesterday?

2.      What would you say is the most important effect the media has had on your life?

3.      Using the media effects theory of your choice, explain the likely effects of your favorite video game or TV program.

4.      Does political advertising have a positive or negative effect on elections? Why is that?


5.      What career path do you expect to have in the information society?

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