What causes social mobilisation? Examine the poular mobilisation case of the 'Landless Workers Movement' in Brazil in connection to global and national developments.

On structure of essay:


A. General introduction, answering the so what question


Research question, e.g. This essay aims to explore the central causes for the social mobilisation of the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil

Hypothesis: It suggests that (whatever you find convincing in literature as central cause, e.g. inequality, discrimination, land question, indigenous rights, NAFTA…opening opportunity for mobilization…)


D. Theory: Framework  for your argument. Here you discuss social mobilisation literature with a particular emphasis on opportunity structures and the way e.g. NAFTA process or other possible causes (see above) opens those opportunities for mobilisation.


E. Case study: you introduce briefly your case study 


F. Central argument: Here you explore your central argument using relevant research literature (useful here journal articles which you find on UCD library side or google-scholar is a good source as well


G. Findings: You present here your central findings from your case study analysis….connect case study here to theory framework: e.g. the case shows that free trade negotiations….opens opportunities for mobilisation…..as visible in Landless Workers Movement in Brazil


H. Concluding remarks: briefly say what your aim was in this thesis, how you prove your central argument, and mention here also possible other answers or needs for further study…

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