Compare the team member’s organizational surveys that were submitted in Week 3 as part of each student’s Course Project. Use the results from the Week 2 assignment utilizing Table 2.5 and determine how effective each organizational survey might be in addressing the elements contained in Table 2.5. Each organization should have its own section in the team paper and a final section should be a comparison and assessment of these organizations. This week’s paper should be at least between 2 and 4 pages per student on the team in length (not counting title page, References and any images or charts).

CategoryPointsDescriptionTitle Page/Table of Contents


Title of your applied research paper, course number and title, professor, and date.Analysis15Apply concepts from Table 2.5 in the textbook to each of the organizations each team member has for their own Course Project. Answer these questions and use each question as a separate header in the team’s report.Comparison and Assessment10This final section should be a comparison and assessment of these organizationsReferences 3All references must be cited in two places—within the body of your paper and on a separate reference list. Choose references judiciously and cite them accurately. Cite all sources using APA format.Total Point Value30A quality presentation will meet or exceed all of the above requirements. 

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