WEEK 3 DISCUSSION (see attached files)


WELCOME to the discussion for WEEK 3. Please respond in complete sentences for each question, unless directed to do otherwise, demonstrating in your reply that you have read the material in order to receive full credit.

Topic 1: Fake News

This week, you watched Fake news vs real news (PBS online video):

Fake news is no longer a matter of the occasional hoax. There is growing evidence that fake news has the power to shape public opinion and even sway elections. As more Americans get their news online, it is increasingly vital that we as consumers know how to verify sources and spot fake news.


1.  Explain at least two ways fake news could affect the results of future elections or may have affected the recent mid-term election?

2.  What can companies like Facebook and Snapchat do to stop users from spreading fake news? What can we, as consumers, do? What do you think would work, especially with younger users?

Topic 2: The Decline of the Newspaper Industry

This week you read “Current Popular Trends in the Newspaper Industry” by Jack Lule

It is clear that the newspaper industry has undergone major changes. Over the next several years, the industry will likely continue to experience a complete upheaval brought on by dwindling readership and major shifts in how individuals consume news. As newspapers scramble to find their footing in an ever-changing business, readers adapt and seek out trustworthy information in new ways.

Question #1: 
Pick a recent major national event that interests you. Then, select two papers of the six discussed in the reading and explore the differences in how those newspapers reported on the story. How does the newspaper’s audience affect the way in which a story is presented?

Posting instructions:

Please read this information extremely carefully:

· Please include the topic number and title in your subject name for each discussion throughout the course.. For instance, Topic 1: Fake News.   It has to be clear what you are answering so ensure you clearly label.

· Do not attach answers or files in discussion unless directions state to do so.

· You must respond in complete sentences for each question, unless directed to do otherwise. Ensure you answer each question within the topic as this week there are multiple questions in the topics.

· Minimum Topic Response: Posts need to be at least a 70 words,  substantive and answer all parts.. If your reply for this question is less than 70 words and not substantive, you will lose points. You can use Microsoft Word to count the words in your response to make sure you have met the requirement.

· 🙂  to indicate a smile and lol for laughter  is fine and I may use it myself from time to time in discussion.  I would give deductions for other text speak such as using “u” for “you” etc.

· Each topic must be answered in a separate post.

· Answer posted in an organized manner.

· If references are used they need to be cited appropriately. Realize that to answer substantively you may need to do research and if so reference appropriately.

· Do not in any discussions cover same topic/product/website  etc  for separate topics

· After you post   please review it to make sure it is formatted correctly and is easy to read and has no spelling errors


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