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Windows auditing is known to be file integrity monitoring sometimes., which helps to detect the changes within the systems, SQL, files systems and Active directories. By Windows auditing the organizations will be complaint based on the protection of data and other threat requirements or unwanted changes which will reduce the risks of the data breach in any organization. These auditing tools help in the rollback of changes with desirable configuration.

Through the windows security and auditing one will understand the events that they want to log. For instance, when the audit policy says the employee needs to log any kind of remote access to their system or machine, but you might not need to do it on the business premises. Auditing will generate more volume of data; it pays off the important information that one needs to gather security policy decisions.

Any organization that are related to financial ,health or government sectors face threats. They differ from each other based on the type of organization . One thing which any organization has a common motive is to protect their devices and the information in them. They are set to have security standards that the organization have set to them. Baseline security group has recommended config settings which are based on Microsoft security engineering teams, customers, groups and partners.

These are needed by an organization because they bring in expertise in knowledge of customers  ,partners from Microsoft. Each security config settings have their own impact.( Andres Mariano Gorzelany 2018).In modern companies or organizations security threats have been increasing vastly day by day .The policy makers need to keep them in mind along with the security threats and help them change the settings so that they can avoid the risks and data breaches. To make all of this easier by managing windows, Microsoft provides security baselines which are in consumable formats which are known as Group Policy Object backups.

If an environment is not reaching a baseline one should make sure that further action needs to be taken care and the security configuration settings need to be applied and implemented by the company.


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