Urban Planing Term Paper

Midterm Exam  f or  URBS 300 :  Spring  2015

Before you begin, please type your name on the top right corner of the document you will be submitting with your answers.  Answer all three questions. Each answer must be double spaced in 12-point font. The entire exam should not exceed seven pages. I will stop reading at the end of page seven. Additionally, each answer may not exceed threepages in length.  (Note: If your answer is longer than threepages I will stop reading at the end of the fourth page).Please add page numbers to your document.  You may use your books, readings, lecture notes, and notes to assist you in answering questions.  You can use outside books and web resources; however, an A answer will come primarily from the materials for this class.  You should cite the source of your information by placing the authors name in parentheses following the sentence/paragraph in which you make the reference, for example (Berke and Godschalk).  If you are referencing material outside of this course, you should provide a full reference at the end of the exam question. References will not be counted in the number of pages.  Turn in a hard copy at the beginning of class on Monday , March 9, 2015.


1)   Comprehensive Plans and Analysis


You evaluated the Burbank General plan using the evaluation tool of Berke and Godschalk (2009).  Create one new question that would make this checklist better in evaluating and designing plans.  Explain which questions your question is similar to and why this additional question is needed.  Support your questions based on the literature.


2)  Utopian Models

Utopian models were made as a response to conditions of the cities at the time.  What are the three classical utopian models?  Describe each in 2 or 3 sentences.  Which one of the three is the most practical for planners now?  Support your decision.

3 )  Planning Theories

We outlined 4 main theories in class.  Name what you think the biggest strength and weakness of each of the theories and support your analysis from the readings.  Which one of the 4 do you think you will put into practice and why?





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