the Module Five Gantt Chart Template

This activity will help you complete the final critical element of the Initial Schedule and Budget Report due in Module Six.

Complete the Module Five Gantt Chart Template for your prior submitted dinner work breakdown structure (WBS) project from Module Two. Instead of using duration of days, you will use minutes. Instead of a start date and end date, you will use a start time and end time. Set your template to match your initial template from the dinner WBS completed in task 2-1. In any project, the project documents generally are integrated with the same information. To apply this concept in this course, tasks 2-1 and 5-1 will utilize the same project details. Please reference task 2-1 to help insure that you properly align your work. The focus here is for you to gain an understanding of the tool.

Please see the below example videos for background information regarding a Gantt chart. If you prefer, the same work can be completed via a MS Visio or MS Project template.

How to Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2013 How to Create a Basic Gantt Chart in Excel 2010

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

? Tasks: Your dinner WBS should have broken your dinner project down to small deliverables. Each of these deliverables should be categorized under the project steps with a brief description. For example:

1. Initiation: Decided that I was hungry. 2. Planning: Consult with family regarding dinner desires. Pick a premade dish from the freezer. 3. Execution: Turn on oven. Throw my casserole in. 4. Control: Have family test the dinner by eating it. 5. Closeout: Pack leftovers. Clean up the kitchen.

Please note that the purpose of this portion of the assignment is to show that you understand how to categorize the steps of your project in a Gantt chart.

? Time and Duration: Your tasks should show the proper utilization of a bar chart across the proper timeline. Keep in mind that you are only one person, as such, you can only complete one task (properly) at a time. In the event that you are utilizing another member of your family to help with the project, be sure to properly segment the bars to show who is completing what tasks. Note that the purpose of this portion of the assignment is to show that you understand how to determine and display the timeline of your project steps in a Gantt chart.

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