Textual Analysis Paper from 3-5 pages

This is the website. https://www.timbers.com/promotions/we-are-timbersThe requirements are,Approximately 3-5 pages in length. Contain an introduction with a clear thesis statement, a body and a conclusionThe first section of the body of your paper should describe your text.  You’ll also want to attach a copy of it.Next, you’ll need to identify the meaning behind this text.  Here’s where your situational memo will come in handy.  Don’t just copy the memo wholesale into your paper.  Instead choose a few areas to highlight and expand upon.Consider whether this representation of Portland (or its constituent parts) is accurate or not?  You’ll probably need to include some source material in this section.  For example, if the text represents Portland as a healthy city, you’ll want to have facts and figures hat support or refute that representation.Finally, address the implications of this representation.  Does the producer of this text have a particular goal in mind?   Does the text accomplish that goal?  Is this positive or negative for the city?  Why?   Could the text be positive for one community but have negative connotations for another? In the conclusion, take things a step further.   Should this text be distributed further?   Why or why not?  Do new texts need to be produced to counter this particular representation of the city?  How does this text fit into the larger body of representations of Portland?Accurately cite any fact, idea or quote that is not your own using a proper citation form 

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