Speech Critique

King George V speech (Make sure to list the URL link to video) Grade the speaker (A, B, C, D or F) and justify why he or she deserves that grade.

double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 1” margins. Your name must be included on the top left of the page. You may use any format you like – bullet points, numbers, paragraph form, or a mix – as long as you answer each question thoughtfully. Full points will be awarded to critiques that demonstrate an understanding of course concepts. 

Speech Critique Requirements:

1.Name of speaker

2.Summary of the speech- a. What was the occasion? what was the speaker’s Specific purpose?

c.What was the thesis, or overall theme, of the speech?

d.What was the size of the audience? Were audience members reacting 

positively or negatively toward the speaker? Did the speaker engage 

you or bore you? (Answer to the best of your knowledge for video 


3.Three strengths*

4.Three areas of improvement*

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