SOC 203 Week 1 Quiz ~ ( All Below Mentioned Questions Answered Correctly ~ Latest Syllabus ~ Perfect Tutorial ~ 100% Correct Answers )

Question 1.The denial of rights to homosexuals is a social problem.


Question 2.What does CDO stand for?


Question 3.The functionalist perspective believes that the interdependent parts of society are not competing for domination. 


Question 4.ALL BUT ONE of the following developed nations has more upward mobility than the United States: 


Question 5.In an attempt to completely understand a social problem, which theory might be best applied?


Question 6.Which labor act prohibited unions from requiring dues from their members? 


Question 7.Which social class lost much of its wealth as a result of the housing bubble and mortgage crisis? 


Question 8.Reinvestment measures described by the supply-side economics theory proved effective in strengthening America’s working conditions. 


Question 9.What are the five key social institutions that impact society? 


Question 10.Which system did Marx promote as society’s most influential institution?


Question 11.Which sociological perspective believes that poverty has its positive effects for the economy and class hierarchy? 


Question 12.According to the text, ALL BUT ONE of the following economy workforce shifts have benefitted employers at the expense of employees: 


Question 13.According to the text, high percentages of the U.S. population believe that the top goals for the government should be ensuring equal opportunities; providing services to the poor; keeping income in the hands of the individuals; ______________________________ and ____________________________. 


Question 14.What kind of consciousness did Marx claim that workers were working under?


Question 15.Which of the following is NOT a method of qualitative analysis?


Question 16.What allows us to distinguish a societal problem from an individual problem?


Question 17.What type of consumption reflects economic inequality and contributes to social inequity?


Question 18.Which sociological theorist developed the concept of strain, which affected individuals’ life chances?


Question 19.What type of culture do sociologists who adhere to the culture of poverty perspective suggest individuals from poor communities adopt?


Question 20.Which of the following is NOT considered a defining factor of social stratification, according to the text? 


Question 21.According to the text, the difference between individual __________________ and a social problem depends on the societal condition reflected by the issue. 


Question 22.Who are the two sociologists working to relocate homeless populations from urban centers to areas near public transportation and social services? 


Question 23.The U.S. Census is an example of a qualitative method of analysis. 


Question 24.There have been positive shifts impacting gender equality in the wake of the Great Recession of 2008. 


Question 25.The sociological lens allows a person to see human behavior __________________ that impact society. 


Question 26.Which of the following types of income is NOT protected from the low taxation rate of the capital gains tax? 


Question 27.Why are gender roles considered socially constructed, according to the text 


Question 28.Durkheim maintained that social institutions have an obligation to eradicate _________________. 


Question 29.The symbolic meaning of gestures is culturally relative. 


Question 30.Who is the founder of modern social work? 


Question 31.Supply-side economics, also known as trickle-down economics, provides tax breaks to ____________________________. 


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