Short paper

short paper on a musical topic of your choosing. These papers may be viewed as op-ed , “think” pieces rather than full-on research papers (although if you want to research a topic that would be okay). To head off the inevitable question I get every term, no – you don’t have to do both a paper and a review. It’s one or the other.


you should aim for at least 1000 words – and again I would stress quality over quantity. It also goes without saying that if you use someone else’s ideas or work it should be cited properly.


The key thing that I’m looking for is clarity of thought, and a cohesive presentation of your ideas and arguments. You should come to a critical analysis of your topic (and it might help to narrow your topic to one specific area). The depth to which you come to a conclusion will determine the depth of your grade. Grammar and good writing will count!


How has music notation developed from the middle ages to the present day? Include in your discussion the use of electronic software in the 20th and 21st century.


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