Short assignment

Write an 100 word opinion with references 


It was hard for me to choose my top 5 I feel like I have learned so much about Public Health in these past few years but I feel like the CDC is much more competent than myself and these were some of the CDC’s top winnable health battles. They were 

1. drug abuse

2. alcohol abuse

3. obesity

4. teen pregnancy

5. healthcare associated infections 

I think that some of the other top ten problems can be partially solved by solving these 5 problems. Heart disease and stroke chances are increased by things such as drug use, alcohol abuse, and obesity. Then teen pregnancy creates a myriad of health problems. This is one topic that has drawn me in time after time. How social standing and cycles such as abuse or teen pregnancy have such a profound affect on public health. Then how this can then induce stress and all of these factors affect gene expression which also greatly affects public health. The way our nation views public health is a problem or the lack of I should say. I think this is why we are a nation that takes way to many medications instead of dieting or working out to have better health, why we over indulge in food, alcohol, and medications, we push problems like teen pregnancy under the rug, and over take things like antibiotics because we are not educated on public health enough to know the devastating affects of things like MRSA. 

I want to add I think there are health battle that are not winnable that were not listed that we have all learned about as well such as the public health systems infrastructure which we read about this week. Can you think of any other big unwinable problems in our health care system? 

CDC: 10 most important public health problems and concerns. (2016, March 1). Retrieved August 8, 2018, from

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