Right side only (read resources and then fill pages uploaded

http://xerxes.calstate.edu/fullerton/articles/results?query=Gay+marriage&field=keyword    The sourcses that will be used


You are now ready to begin your research and writing.  As you read about your issue be sure to explore different perspectives.

Exercise caution when doing research, especially on the internet. Be sure you have located reliable sources.   Remember, you can’t believe everything you read!  


Use the CSUF library databases to research your topic.  Log on to the site through your portal so that you will have access to the databases that the library has purchased.  Click on the “Library” tab and select “Find Articles” under the Research heading.  


Find a minimum of two sources that address your issue.  Be sure they are reliable sources and that diverse perspectives are represented.  One of your sources must be a scholarly source.  


Complete the attached worksheet. (You will find it at the bottom of this page.  Use the Download arrow at the right side of the screen to download the worksheet as a Word document.)  You must include the following information about your sources.


Source (APA format)


the right side to be done only



the right side onlu


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