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1 day agoWeek 6 Discussion Rebellion is a recurring theme in the history of mankind, especially in the Bible. The Israelites were saved from Egypt and being freed from being slaves from the evil Pharaoh and God asked for them to have faith, and obey his rules such has  not idolizing anything or anybody besides him. The Israelites were given the Ten Commandments and already have witnessed the good and abundance that God will give his people who obey and worship him but they were growing greedy. To feed their greed they had to rebel against God, they wanted more food, more power, freedom, and more riches. Although God was providing it all for them, they didn’t want enough they wanted surplus of food, freedom,and riches. So they started to praise the Golden Calf although they knew it was wrong to their God they went back to what they were taught. Has human beings we can always find that it can be easier to do wrong than to do good so the Israelites who grew too accustomed to their new found freedom they became rebellious to God to get what they wanted. 
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1 day agoWeekly Discussion: After all that…rebellion?The golden calf is widely discussed amongst Bible scholars. The Golden Calf was crafted by Aaron using the Israelites gold jewelry. Moses was up on the Mount Sinai talking with God, when the Israelites asked Aaron to make them a god. It is thought provoking to think of what could have caused the Israelites to sin against God after experiencing all he did for them. When I read through the story, the Israelites had been afraid to approach God before they ask for the Golden Calf. The Golden Calf was a manageable and controllable god for the Israelites. The Golden Calf served as a way to pacify the Israelites, in their fear to serve the one true God. Connecting the Golden Calf to the broader theme of rebellion in the Bible is simple. As sinners, because we fear to face the one true God, we will create idols to worship. God created humans to worship and have a relationship with Him. Since the fall, humans have chosen their sin and idols as items to glorify instead of God. 

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