Respond to 4 questions in Short Essay Format. 1 page and half single space


Respond to questions 1-4. Write your answers in Short Essay Format. Be sure to include reasons and facts as required to support your answers. Cite examples when required. Minimum response length for all the questions is 1 page, singled spaced. Maximum response length is 2 pages.

1. Which characteristics of effective problem solvers do you feel that you possess? Which characteristics do you feel that you need to improve?

2.  Which of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” do you think would help make you a better problem solver and a more successful person? Why?

3. Discuss which of the “Seven Actions for a Successful Career” that you believe are the most important, and explain why they are important to you. Describe how you will practice the actions most important to you.

4.  Think of 4 adjectives that describe yourself. How do those adjectives that describe yourself help make you a better team player? How do those adjectives make you potentially a worse team player?

– Use black text only.
–          Text size needs to be 12 point size.
–          Text needs to be single spaced.
–          Margins on the document should be 1’’ on all side

– Content:
Opinion: When a question asks for your opinion, its answer is exactly that – your opinion. Feel free to use your own opinion.
Cite Examples:  you may use a citation right after the answer to a question, or you may list your references at the end. It is not required to have a separate reference page.
Stating the Question before Answering It: While some reports require that you state the question before your answer, is not required to do this.
Pictures: Resist the temptation for using pictures unless it is required. Instead, focus on your writing abilities.

– Short Essay Format
Short essay format is a format that requires at least two paragraphs for each answer. Please remember that a paragraph is not just one, two, or three sentences in length.

Due after 26 hours. 

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