Research Proposal

This report will be based on a design of experiment (you can assume or estimate the data of this experiment, I’m thinking of how to Measuring Airflow of HVAC Systems in a small room, if you think this is complicated pick any experiment yourself but don’t over complicated the most important thing about it is it should be about mechanical  measurement). The report will consist of a process optimization experiment, myth confirmation experiment, design optimization experiment, or variable influence experiment.


In this report you should include all of these parts:


I.                    Introduction – introduce the nature of the problem and the reasons for the investigation. The general objectives of the research or design should be stated. No results are disclosed in this section.

II.                  Literature Review – in this part you will write about what the other people did with the same problem (history of this experiment) – at least 3 references.

III.                Methodology (design of experiment) –This section would include the steps for the designing an experiment information that are in the document that I’ll upload. This document shows the 4 steps that we will talk about in this section.

1.       Recognition of and statement of the problem.

2.       Selection of response variable.

3.       Choice of factors levels and range.

4.       Choice of experimental design.

IV.                Expected Results –  in this part you should write about   what is the benefit of doing  this experiment, and what is the impact that we want from it

V.                  Budget– estimate the budget based the senior that you put it for this experiment.

VI.                References– internally cite any sources used with a number. Cite ideas, pictures, and data taken from a source. Number references in consecutive order. Include a reference page that corresponds with the numbers of the internal cites.


Important Notes:

1.            under each figure, table, and chart wright a figure number: title of figure and the number of the reference.  And you should refer to in the report.

2.            In each part you should put the number of the reference if you take it from this reference. That’s mean all the references should be referred to.

3.            The procedure should be narrative (in passive voice). Also if there is any equation, you should explain it here.

4.            Explain the results in a written narrative.


5.            Number all the references.

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