Research Paper: Outline & Key Sources


The Research Paper is the key assignment for SMGT 631. This paper is an opportunity for you to demonstrate a thorough understanding of current issues and research, and to make practical applications of research to the sport facility and event settings. This is a two-part assignment, with a 1–3-page APA formatted outline submitted in Module/Week 3 and a 12–15-page APA formatted final draft, including at least 5 peer-reviewed sources, submitted in Module/Week 7. 

There are several steps to completing this assignment successfully: Develop your topic with the input of the professor and the topic      will be based upon information covered in the class.Top of Form

Potential topics for the research paper include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Facility financing and the use of public funds 

2. Facility and/or event security

3. Legacies of sporting events and sustainability of facilities

4. Naming rights and sponsorship issues for events and/or facilities

5. Planning, construction, and/or operational issues for sporting facilities

6. Marketing and promotions of sports events

7. Financial management issues for facilities and events

8. Management theory applied to facilities and events

9. The Americans with Disabilities Act’s impact on sports facilities and events

10. Tourism potential and local impact of sports events Now that you have a topic selected, create an outline and include      your key sources. The outline must      generally follow the format indicated below. Each major section of the paper should      be represented in the outline, including the title page, abstract,      references, and appendices (if utilized). The supporting ideas and subsections of your paper should be listed      appropriately following the example below, though each paper will have      unique elements. Brief explanations      (1–3 sentences) should be used to describe your supporting ideas in order      to demonstrate how the parts of the paper fit together. You also should indicate in the outline      where your key sources will be utilized. This is best done by citing the source in APA style for in-text      citations (e.g., Fried, 2015). The      outline should be 1–3 pages.


Outline example:

I. Title Page

II. Abstract

III. Introduction/Thesis

IV. Supporting Idea 

A. First level headings

1. Second level headings or supporting ideas (does not necessarily need to have a heading)

a) Additional levels (if necessary)

V. Second Supporting Idea

A. …

1. …

a) …

VI. Conclusion, etc.

A. …

1. … 

a) …

VII. References

VIII. Appendices (if applicable)

In the same document as the outline, the student should list and describe all of their key sources. Each source should first be cited using the APA style. After the citation, a brief summarization and justification for including that source should be provided. For research articles, you should discuss the key findings and practical applications of the research. 

The Outline will be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3. Write your Final Draft. Bottom of FormThis is a formal paper and must be      written in APA format. It must      include a title page, abstract and reference list per APA guidelines. The body of the paper should be 12–15      pages long and should include no fewer than 5 peer-reviewed sources. The Final Draft will follow the      guidelines of the outline turned in during Module/Week 3 and it must      include any changes recommended by the instructor. 

The Final Draft will be submitted as a Microsoft Word document via SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7. 

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