Religion homework readings response

Read the attached then answer the following questions in 3 pages double spaced APA , Each reading is sepered 


The Sick Role.

Amma Syncletica Text



1.     Contextualize: This is written for a Christian audience; what about Christian theology or culture does the author assume that you know?

2.     Analyze:  Why do you think that she does not wish for a cure?

3.     Evaluate: What does disease enable her to do? How does illness create a sickness role?



Holy Healers

St. Theodore, the Holy Healer text


1.     Contextualize & analyze: In the Miracles of St. Theodore, there are many ways to study the medical past. Select one of these categories: diseases, healing practices or patients, and after identifying your choice, tell me what the text teaches you about how the disease, the healing practice or the patient is understood in that time period.

2.     Evaluate: What does the disease, type of patients or method of healing (that you chose from the text) teach you about the types of people drawn to ‘holy healers’?

Very important: Remember, if and when you speak about ‘miraculous’ cures, you are going to interpret those cures and use the language of a historian. Evoke elements of professional generosity that shape our study of the past: we will try to understand people, ideas, practices, events and institutions on their terms, not ours; we try not to impose our assumptions about life and religion on another group living in a different time and place; we are not going to worry about questioning whether or not ‘miracles’ happen or whether or not people actually have experiences of or encounter the divine, because we don’t care; we will be more interested in how an experience of the divine made a difference for a person or group, rather than whether or not it happened.


Christian Philanthropy

On the love of the poor text

  Contextualize: This text is written with a Christian audience in mind; what is Gregory’s assumption about the proper way to avoid damnation, and how does that relate to disease or the diseased? Analyze:  What are some implications of illness? What emotions does illness arouse in others, and what does it cause the suffering to do to survive?

Evaluate: How does ‘community’ or ‘society’ change with the diseased person in it?


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