If you are sexually active, how do you start the conversation about contraception with a potential partner? (If you are married or in a committed relationship, what did you do or what would you tell a good friend to do to start the conversation?)

2.  After reading about all of the various types of birth control available, answer the following questions. Give three choices you would be inclined to use based on what you have read, or on personal usuage.
What are the advantages of EACH of the three choices?
What are the disadvantages of EACH of the three choices?

3.  Suppose you and your partner were told that your only chance of hving a child is by using fertility drugs.  After taking the drugs, you and your partner are informed that there are seven fetuses in utero. Answer the following hypothetical questions…
What if you were told the the chances of all of them surviving were slim and that eliminating some of them would improve the odds for the others. What would your reaction or options be?
Is this an ethical issue or a medical issue? Be specific in your responses.

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