Reading Reflection and presentation text

About the reading reflection part: Address the following questions after read the two articles: (no more than one page for each)

1. What is the author’s main argument? 

2. What evidence or other persuasive techniques does the author use to support his/her main argument? 

3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s approach? 

4. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s conclusion? Why or why not? 

5. What other thoughts do you have on the topic addressed in this reading? 

There are two articles, so you need to write two reading reflections. Both of them you need to answer all the questions above, one page for one article.

The articles are:   

· Mark Sagoff, “At the Shrine of our Lady Fatima”

· Norman Bowie, “Morality, Money & Motor Cars”

Write something about ethic

About the presentation text part:

I need to do a presentation of Bowie’s article so I need a script presentation so that I can just read it. We are a team of two and I only in charge of the summary part. (just Bowie’s article)The requirements are:


Students are responsible for summarizing this article to present to the class, and leading a discussion based on the article. Grading is based on your ability to identify the author’s key arguments, to critique those arguments, and to communicate this information.  For the article summary, you are responsible for summarizing the article including the author’s key points, main conclusion and the arguments s/he makes to lead up to that conclusion. You should also include your analysis/critique of the author’s arguments and conclusion. (E.g., are there any assumptions made? does the author provide solid evidence? Are the analogies or comparisons logical? etc.) This will be written up informally (i.e. bullet points are fine, it doesn’t have to be a formal essay) in about 2 powerpoint slides (or the equivalent amount of text in a Word document), and will be presented to the class (for about 10-15 minutes). You will then lead the class (I will help and participate) in a discussion including different opinions on the article and at least 2 interesting questions you prepare for discussion. 

I’m only in charge of the summary part so just focus on the summary part of the requirements. The script presentation text should be 2 pages so that I can present it in 5 minutes. and I only need a one-page powerpoint slide based on that.

The photos I upload are the Bowie’s article, and u can find the other one on Google.

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