reading article

you need to read the article first to answer this question

1.) According to jobs in the US House (in “Positions with Members and Committees,” it has a “resume bank.” What is this. How might you want to tailor your resume to get noticed (this is important for jobs far beyond the House)?

2.) Are there any jobs in the House, Senate or the article “Top 10 Companies” of interest to you? Explain. 

3.) In Legislative Careers, what is a “day in the life” like? Is this appealing? What about for the AZ Legislature?

4.) According to the links, what are Americorps  and Teach for America? Are these viable options for you?

5.) Now look at Stratfor . Perusing the site, what do they do? Could this be an area of interest?

6.) NALP will be of particular importance if you want to enter law school. Perusing the site, is there any area of interest?

7.) Please choose and read one article in NALP: Weekly News Update.  Why was it important?

8.) Read any of the information in the content area “Business World.” What was the most worthy information?


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