PSY 600 Week 1 Discussion ( Professional Research Summary ) – A Graded – Best Tutorial – Quality Work – Latest Syllabus

Professional Research Summary

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, be sure to review the Graduate Research Guide for Psychology, Psychology Subject Guide, Academic Voice for Graduate Writing, and Professional Voice and Writing resources provided by the Ashford University Library and the Ashford Writing Center. You will be referencing these resources as you complete this assignment. In addition to the resources provided for this discussion, a representative from the Ashford University Library will be monitoring the discussion forum and will be providing insights and guidance to help you to better understand and navigate graduate-level research. The responses from the librarian are meant to provide assistance only; they will not affect your grade. 


Psychology professionals require research and writing skills for their day-to-day work. It is important for those working in psychology to use both academic and professional writing within the appropriate settings since they differ according to the types of items created. It is also of primary importance that all claims be supported with appropriate research within the discipline. This discussion will introduce these concepts and provide you with an opportunity to reflect on and find assistance for any challenges you may identify during this process. To accomplish this, you will complete two components: a real-world relevant writing exercise in the form of a professional research summary attached to your initial post, and a reflective discussion wherein you will share your experiences and challenges in completing the summary. Please view the instructions for completing the two components for the initial post for this discussion.

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