Promotional Strategy for APPLE INC*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial*****Use as Guide Paper*****

Promotional Strategy PresentationDue Jan 16, 11:59 PMNot Submitted POINTS 10  Team Presentation Objectives:  4.3 4.4 5.1   InstructionsAssignment FilesGrading  Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation illustrating your promotional strategy.

Compile the information presented in your previous papers.

Include the following in the presentation:Explain your promotional strategy for your product or service.Include how you will use at least three of the following elements:AdvertisingPublic relationsDigital marketing, including social mediaSales promotionDirect marketingEvent marketingOutdoorDevelop an initial budget for your plan.Prepare a pie chart showing the dollars/percentages budgeted for each included marketing activity for the first year.Provide justification for your choices. Explain the evaluation and control methods you will use to measure the success of your plan.

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