Project, throughout the course you will be asked to complete sections of the Final Project Worksheet., you will have a complete worksheet, which will be a solid foundation for the development of your final research paper.

Selected religious tradition is christan which you will focus on Identify the religious tradition in the worksheet. In the worksheet, write a paragraph explaining why you chose this religious tradition.

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Chapter 1, “Religious Life in the Global Village”- “Three Pillars of Analysis: Beliefs, Rituals, and Institutions” (pp. 23–30) / Chapter 2, “A Sociological Tour: Turning East” – “Hinduism, or Sanatana Dharma” (pp. 53–62) – “Buddhism” (pp. 69–74) – “Taoism” (pp. 80–83) / Chapter 3, “The Tour: Western Religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam” – “Judaism” (pp. 93–99) – “Christianity” (pp. 101–106) – “Islam” (pp. 110–116) / Chapter 4, “Indigenous Religions” – “The Veneration of Ancestors” (pp. 140–141)

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Week 2 Milestone: Religious Tradition

As you have read, all religious traditions share    three basic characteristics from which we may analyze the religion and    compare it to other religions. For your Final Project, you will focus on a single    pillar of analysis from which you will engage in a deeper study of a    religious tradition. 

For this worksheet activity, select the religious    tradition you wish to focus on. Feel free to select a tradition from this    week’s readings or select a    different tradition that interests you. Identify the tradition in the    writing space below. Finally, include a 100- to 150-word short response    sharing why you selected this tradition. 


My chosen   religious tradition is: christans


I selected this   religious tradition because (100–150   words):

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