profeesor 2013

From the choices provided below, select a jazz musician for your paper of 600 to 800 words. You will be writing about the historic jazz style represented by this musician, as well as his or her individual performance style.  An abundance of choices will allow you to write with genuine enthusiasm about one of your favorites.  (Please note that we have excluded Miles Davis and John Coltrane from the list–they are simply too popular to include on the list.)

For the musician:discuss the general characteristics of the historic jazz style;describe the individual stylistic characteristics for which the performer is known;select one piece that features a notable performance and provide your observations from listening to the piece;provide a conclusion that offers insight into the artistry and significance of the piece and performer you have selected.

This assignment is an extension of the work you have been doing on the discussion boards.  Topics questions can serve to guide your own investigation of the piece you have selected.


The one caveat is to make sure that you select a recording that is not assigned listening–be it recordings on the lesson pages, the discussion boards, or on the Unit listening lists.  As far as that goes, there are several more lessons before the end of the semester.  There is one remaining discussion board, and there are recordings on the Unit 5 Listening List (that will be presented in Lessons 13 and 14).  These recordings–and all recordings from Lessons 12, 13, and 14–are also off limits.  The remaining lessons are available to you, so that you can check to make sure that your selection is not a recording from the lesson pages.

that is the website for my essay, please choose  The Complete Rags of Scott Joplin. Penn State MMC: MCD93-126] Scott Joplin, “Solace: A Mexican Serenade” (1909), William Albright piano (ibid., 1990

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