Production Concept Presentation

  Read  Jean Paul Sartre’s, No Exit attached below. Decide the following: What would the set, furniture and props look like? What style of acting would the actors use in portraying the various characters? What sort of sound might you use. What would the lighting design look like? What would the costumes and accessories look like? Then create a five minute power point presentation, in which you tell us what you decided about at least three of the questions listed above. (The answers to these questions are the  basis of the production concept. So you are really telling us what your production concept for the play is.) 

Assignment Expectations: Rehearse the presentation well enough that you do not seem unfamiliar with the material.  Do not load your Power Point slides with words. YOU should do the talking. Primarily use IMAGES/PICTURES in your presentation. (This will let us better see what the production will look like if it is staged.) Choose images/video links that best relay the qualities of the images, sounds, lights, etc. that you will be using. Do not use irrelevant images. Use the following structure for your presentation. Since your production concept is a visual metaphor or symbol, start by telling us what that visual metaphor or symbol is exactly. Describe three or more aspects of your production (lights, costumes, acting, set, furniture, etc.) in detail. Conclude by explaining how you think your proposed use of these tools of theatrical production will realize your production concept on the stage.

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