Poli330 week 6 quiz 2017 latest


Question 1 . 1 .  (TCO 7) Describe how today’s conservatives use the term “political economy . ” (Points : 3)

Conservatives use the term to try to get back to the pure market system advocated by Adam Smith .

Conservatives understand the term within the context of Machiavelli’s The Prince .

Conservatives veer toward John Stuart Mill’s usage, which advocated utilitarianism .

Conservatives take a neo-utilitarian approach, hoping to benefit the weakest members of society .

Question 2 . 2 .  (TCO 7) Describe British economist John Maynard Keynes’ proposal to cure economic depressions .  (Points : 3)

Keynes suggested infusing the economy with government funds to promote spending .

Keynes advocated for “trickle-down” economic policies .

Keynes argued for stronger stimulus packages to corporations and small businesses .

Keynes proposed to cure depressions by dampening the swings of the business cycle .

Question 3 . 3 .  (TCO 7) President Jimmy Carter attempted to stimulate the economy, but this made inflation worse .  This led him to _____ .  (Points : 3)

lose the 1980 election

slash prices of corn and soybeans

subsidize major oil companies

increase the national deficit

Question 4 . 4 .  (TCO 7) Conservatives hold that Johnson’s Great Society was a waste of money, locking recipients into _____ and encouraging a subculture of drugs and crime .  (Points : 3)

entitlement benefits

perpetual subsidies

social safety nets

welfare dependency

Question 5 . 5 .  (TCO 7) Which U . S .  President is responsible for implementing the Food Stamp program nationwide? (Points : 3)

John F .  Kennedy

Lyndon B .  Johnson

Richard Nixon

Jimmy Carter

Question 6 . 6 .  (TCO 7) Differentiate between the rising costs of Medicare and Medicaid .  (Points : 3)

Medicare anticipates rising costs due to changing proportions of people over 65 .

Medicaid expects rising costs due to looming financial busts .

Medicare plans to keep spending down by raising the eligibility age to 69 .

Medicaid hopes to beat rising costs by adjusting the poverty level .

Question 7 . 7 .  (TCO 7) Why are many politicians wary about limiting Social Security and Medicare expenses? (Points : 3)

Many would be left without enough to support them .

Caps to these programs would undermine the welfare state .

It can cost them votes .

Both are primary social safety nets .

Question 8 . 8 .  (TCO 7) Compare American and Canadian views on the size of government .  (Points : 3)

Americans believe the government is too small, and Canadians feel that government intrudes on individual privacy .

America and Canada are similar nations located in North America, and both Americans and Canadians feel that government is too large .

Americans and Canadians generally agree that government should be larger, funding welfare programs such as Medicaid and Food Stamps .

Many Americans believe government is too large, and Canadians recognize that government has a pivotal role to play and accept higher taxes .

Question 9 . 9 .  (TCO 7) What was the poverty line in 2012? (Points : 3)





Question 10 . 10 .  (TCO 7) Many conservative economists argue that some banks are _____, because they would topple the rest of the economy with them .  (Points : 3)

inherently successful

too big to fail

destined for profit

practically invincible



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