Please have it ready by 02/22/2015


In your head, create a vision of how you see yourself as a teacher in the future. Then in 2 to 3 pages (APA style, double-spaced, page numbers, 1″ margins), write about the following:

•    With what ages of children are you working? What are their typical developmental needs? How do you know this? (30 points)

•    What behavioral and/or cognitive approaches to teaching would you feel could contribute directly to the children’s cognitive and social development? What theory(ies) inform this approach(es)? What appeals to you about this theory(ies)? (30 points)

•    What would be evident in your classroom and in your interactions with children that you have used this theory(ies) to drive your approach to teaching? How do you feel this can accommodate learner differences and learning needs? (30 points)

Please use effective written communication skills (10 points). There is no “right” way to organize your paper. However, you should include

•    a cover page (in APA format)

•    an introduction (with a clear topic sentence stating the purpose of your paper)

•    a conclusion

I do not want you to cite Woolfolk or other sources. (I can read the textbook or the other source if I wanted to know their points of view.) Instead, demonstrate that YOU are able to internalize the concepts and principles you learned in the course to inform your views on teaching and learning. You should indicate theorists/researchers by name but you do not need to cite them within the text. You can include anecdotes and examples, so long as those examples are clearly supported by the knowledge you have acquired in this course. 

The Teaching and Learning Statement is worth 100 points, as indicated above. If the score on your paper is higher than the score on your midterm, I will average the two scores. If not, I will keep the score on your midterm. For example, if you scored 52 on the midterm, and you earn a score of 90 on the paper, your “new” score would the average of these two, or 71. If you scored 68 on the midterm, and you earn a score of 60 on the paper, I will keep your score of 68.

Please submit your Teaching a nd Learnin

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