please read the Nicomachean Ethics/Aristotle and answer the questions between lines, written in bold.



1.  Why is that?


2.  Summarize Aristotle’s account of what happiness for human being consists in.                


3.  Summarize Aristotle’s account of the nature of moral virtue and how it is acquired.


4. ‘We should judge people not by how susceptible they are to “pleasure” but by what things they typically take pleasure in.’  Comment.


5. Explain, using the example of anger, why the virtues are “dispositions?”


6.  Using the example of courage, explain what Aristotle means by saying that a virtue is a mean (a middle point).


7. Summarize his account of this ‘prideful man’:  He is a midpoint between which two inferior type of people?


8. Explain the three types of friendship.


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