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And you will need to be as strong  Pheno Pen Review as possible to deal with it. Keeping healthy means that you will be more easily able to fight off any infections that could cause complications in your condition. You will have to have your blood drawn frequently, and many tests will need to be performed in order to ascertain your general state of health and the progress of the disease. One of these tests will measure the amount of albumin in your system.

There are a lot of things to know when talking about kidney disease, so it will be very important to develop a relationship with a dietician or nutritionist who can help to plan a diet that will be the most beneficial to you and help you to maintain your health at the best possible level. Generally, the foods that will be allowed are the ones that are not only healthy in terms of nutrients, but the most lean as well. Vegans or vegetarians should still have no problem gaining the protein that they need. There are vegan sources of protein in food, but in case those aren’t enough, there are also soy and rice protein powders, which are no problem for vegan diets. Vegetarians who still eat some animal products would do well to look at milk, cheese and eggs, which provide plenty of protein.

The supply of protein should always be looked at in concert with the rest of diet. This includes your calorie count and how much fat various foods contain. Saturated fats in particular can make a source of protein less nutritious than it would otherwise have been, so keep the other ingredients in mind when choosing what foods you eat to get your recommended amount of protein.

Keep in mind that not all food-based protein is digestible by your body. The base from which to start is eggs, which are considered a perfect protein food. This is the reason why athletes in days gone by used to drink glasses of raw eggs. They are an excellent source. Every bit of protein found in eggs is used by your body. You don’t have to eat eggs or even egg substitutes to get that same level of protein. Egg protein powder supplements are available so that the renal patient can get a very necessary nutrient. Disregard the rumors of eggs being high in cholesterol. They are perfectly healthy, and not nearly so high in cholesterol as some myths would have us believe.

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