Oral Comm 6

Oral Comm

This exercise will help improve your ability to listen empathetically in the most successful manner.

For each of the following statements:

1.    Write separate responses, using each of the following styles:

·         advising

·         judging

·         analyzing

·         questioning

·         comforting

·         prompting

·         reflecting

 2. Discuss the pros and cons of using each response style.

2.    Identify which response seems most effective, explaining your decision.

3.      Using (Chapter 5) in Adler, R. B., Rodman, G. R., & DuPré, A. (2013).  Understanding human communication (12th ed. )

a. At a party, a guest you have just met for the first time says, “Everybody seems like they’ve been friends for years. I don’t know anybody here. How about you?”

b. Your best friend has been quiet lately. When you ask if anything is wrong, she snaps, “No!” in an irritated tone of voice.

Report back in about 300 words. APA 6th ed 12 point font



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