Music film reponse

 A small-town girl, whose wedding gets called off, decides to go on her “honeymoon” all alone

Write a 1- 2-page(350 – 500 words) response to this film due within 7 hrs.

Themes: Gender in India, Women in different roles, Family – joint and nuclear; Marriage; Food; Cross-cultural bonding; East and West; Morality and goodness are some examples.

Vikas Bahl’s Queen explores a girl’s identity as an independent being. It’s about a rooted Indian girl who experiences a setback and goes on a holiday to find herself, far away from her family, friends, culture, and society. What does she learn about herself? What has changed in her?

Questions: What are various roles of women portrayed in the film? How does it compare with your own experience? Based on the readings on Bollywood films, pick up a theme in this film and analyze it. Is it a feminist film? If yes, why? If no, why? Analyze this Indian woman’s journey and the concept of Indian feminism. You can make your own analysis of the film. What would be a different ending of this film?

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