MGT 445 Week 4 Complete (Organizational Negotiations) A+ Graded

MGT 445 (Organizational Negotiations)


Week 4


MGT 445 Week 4 DQ 1


What are key sources of conflict in the organizational setting? What are the key impediments to efficiently resolving conflict in a negotiation? What means would you apply to preserve or increase the level of trust in an organizational negotiation?

MGT 445 Week 4 DQ 2


What are the five negotiation styles for managing conflict? Which style do you typically use when negotiating? Explain why. Which style is most effective when negotiating in the organizational setting? Explain your answer.

MGT 445 Week 4 DQ 3


What are the five major negotiation intervention strategies? When would you use the different intervention strategies? Why is it important to consider intervention strategies when planning a negotiation?


Week 4 Assignment:   Individual – Miami School District Negotiation Paper 1450+ Words

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