LWOP versus the death penalty

Conclusion and AbstractFollow the directions below for the completion of the conclusion and abstract assignment for Unit VIII. Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to complete your academic argumentative research paper. Description:In this assignment, you will first write your conclusion; then, you will write your abstract.The following components are requirements of the assignment:Conclusion (150-200 words):oRevisit the controversy.oEmphasize the seriousness of the controversy.oAnswer the “So what?” question.oSuggest a general solution (optional).oCall for awareness/action.oLeave the reader with a final thought.Abstract (200 words or less): For this assignment, you may not exceed 200 words.oRestatement of the controversy (one to two sentences)oYour thesis (one sentence)oReasons (three to four sentences)oConclusion sentence (one sentence)Add the conclusion and abstract to the rest of your paper so that you are turning in a complete research paper.The paper should include all of the following components (in order):oTitle pageoAbstractoIntroductionoLiterature reviewoBody paragraphsoConclusionoReferences page

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