Letter to the Editor


The Assignment:

Write a two to three page double-spaced (minimum of 500-750 words) letter to the editor, proposing a solution to a current local problem. List the newspaper to which you would be sending this to at the top of your paper. Begin the letter with: “Dear Editor,” or “To the Editor of (name of publication)”. Throughout the letter, be as specific as you possibly can in terms of:

1.) Defining/describing the problem and whom it affects

2.) Describing your solution

3.) Defending your solution as the best means of dealing with this problem, being sure to address likely objections or other naysayers

As you’re writing this letter, also do keep in mind your audience.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Papers on the following topics will not be accepted:

* abortion

* capital punishment

* euthanasia

* global warming/climate change

* firearm legislation

The above issues are far too complex to be successfully addressed in an assignment of this length. Competent discussion of these issues often requires months, if not years, of research as well as integrating dozens of sources. For the Letter to the Editor, you should choose a topic that is far more specific and local than any of these broad controversial issues. Concrete and particular problems in your local community are the best focus. 


also answer this question in 50 words in another file  

Explain your topic idea for the Letter to the Editor to your peers, including your single proposed solution to the problem at hand. Please check back on this list several times to offer some of your classmates feedback on their topics, especially if you can relate to the local problem.

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