Lesson 1 Reflection

 How do Native American religions connect the human to the divine. In most religons, the divine manifests through forms that are above and beyond the earth, its plants and its animals. But in Native American religions, the divine may be revealed through the earth and its forms. Please discuss this relationship with the divine in native religion. Use specific examples from specific tribes and use details to support your general ideas. Remember, in religious studies, “God is in the details.”

Your essay should be in your own words, and at least 250 words long (not including quoted texts). The better essays are more than 250 words. College level writing should be grammatical, spell-checked, and organized in multiple paragraphs, with a clear introduction and a decisive conclusion to wrap the essay as a whole. Re-read, revise, and rewrite and final draft before submitting your essay.

NOTE: Do not pack an entire essay into a single paragraph. Use multiple paragraphs to structure and organize your thinking. 

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