learning patterns

1. Steve is new to using the computer for anything other than e-mail.  He’s not on Facebook, doesn’t surf the web in his spare time, and never read an ebook until EXP 105.  Steve keeps detailed notes as he’s reading.  He prefers to take notes in a spiral bound notebook rather than highlight or annotating in the ebook.  It’s Monday night and he’s just sitting down to type his first paper and it’s taking quite a while.  He’s not used to all this typing and his hands already hurt from the copious notes he’s taken.  As he flips through the pages and pages of notes, he cringes in pain, rolls out his wrists, and lets out a sigh.  He needs to continue writing his paper.  He has a good idea of what is being asked in the assignment – he double checked with the instructor just to be sure – and he’s already written an introduction with a solid thesis statement, but that’s where he’s stuck.  There’s so much he wants to include and he’s not really sure where to begin.  He has a lot of ideas written down in his notebook, but he’s having trouble choosing which ones to focus on because they are all important to him.  Steve’s Learning Patterns (S: 23 P: 32, TR: 13, C: 23)

Considering Steve’s Learning Patterns, which pattern is causing him to get lost in the large amount of information he wants to write? (Points : 1)       
















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