Journal 5

  Module Assessment

Journal Assignment # 5

For this journal entry we will examine emotional intelligence (EQ) and how it impacts your cognition and decisions. Do you ever wonder why some people blow up over the smallest things and seem to have drama 24/7 while others take life in stride and seldom let anything get to them? Why do some people just whine all the time and always have to be the victim and tell others about it? Many studies have confirmed that a person’s EQ is just as important and possibly more than their IQ in terms of their quality of life.

Why is EQ so important? In short, if you have a low EQ your relationships will suffer. If you have people with a low EQ in your life they can and probably will create stress for you and lower your quality of life, especially if they are close to you. Even a co-worker with EQ issues can make you not enjoy your job. A close relative or spouse with a low EQ can be a major problem. Does anyone come to mind?

Learn more about emotional intelligence from the quizzes, videos, and articles in this module and then respond to the questions below:

What is your evaluation of your EQ? How does it affect or hinder your thinking and actions? What did YOU learn in Chapter 2 about perceptions that could help explain how you react emotionally to certain things? Briefly explain steps you will take to improve your EQ. Finally, discuss the EQ of a couple of people close to you and how it impacts their thinking and decisions. For more ideas, bring up the subject of EQ with a few friends and see what they think. Learning about your EQ is one of more important concepts you will study in college and most students enjoy analyzing the EQ of their family and friends.
Type the Journal in a Word document and save it all semester until you have completed the 10 assignments. Student writing is expected to be coherent, grammatically correct, and mechanically-sound.  Points will be deducted for poor writing.  All journal entries should be a minimum of 300 words in essay form. 

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