Journal #1, #2, #3

Write 3 Journal, each journal one page.


Journal2: Prometheus

Journal3: Genesis


Homework before you visit the artworks at Pomona College:

Reading:How to Look at a Shoulder(Elkins) and In the Meridian of the Heart, selected letters of Rico Lebrun. 

ALSO: “information” and “subjects and themes”;

ALSO:é-clemente-orozcos-prometheusread “About Orozco” and “About Prometheus”

ALSO watch 2 videos about James Turrell:


In-class event: MAPSONG, the midterm shakedown

DUE: BRING JOURNAL ENTRIES #12, #13, #14, which are about your experiencesof SKYSPACE, PROMETHEUS, andGENESIS. Your journal entries are detailed written narrative describing what you experienced; what you saw; what you think the artworks could mean; what you think could be the sources of inspiration for these artworks; and how you feel about being in the presence of the artwork on the day and time you visited it. Write one full page of your thoughts for each art work. You can reference the reading and/or video to help you develop your interpretations. Use very short quotes only! Warning:Avoid copying and pasting information from the Pomona college website or any other website into your journal as a substitute for describing your experience in detail. Such waywardness does not come close to completing the assignment and you will get a zero for your efforts.

VIEWING OF PROMETHEUS, GENESIS, ANDSKYSPACE—these three public artworks are near one another on the campus of Pomona College in Claremont. the artwork beforethe Midterm date.Make 3 separate, detailed journal entries about your experiences of these works. You will use this data during the in-class event, MAPSONG MIDTERM. 

Carpooling with classmates is highly recommended unless you want a solo experience (never a guarantee in a public venue, but possible).

NOTE:SKYSPACEis an artwork that happens outdoors in real time at dawn and dusk. Find out the time of sunrise/sunset specificto the date you want to go, and plan accordingly. It’s important to ARRIVE a half-hour before sunrise or sunset. Warm clothing advised. PROMETHEUS is a mural in the Frary Dining Hall and can only be viewed during hours the dining hall is open. GENESIS is a mural on an exterior wall adjacent to the Dining Hall, visible during daylighthours. SUGGESTION:go see PROMETHEUS, have dinner in the dining hall, view GENESIS after dinner on your way to experience SKYSPACEa half hour before sunset. 

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