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Please write a two pages information report to my owner. ”cut steak” is restaurant which we always to process cash, debit or credit card payments. But the owner received requests to pay for orders with mobile payment phones apps,such ad Apple Pay. My owner was consider about the advantages and disadvantages about the completely ”cashless”. They want to know more about how issue of cost, convenience ,security and privacy might affect their business as well as their customers. They are not sure if they should convert their payment system to be electronic-only, so they ask you to research and write an analytical report to help them decide. Please read the two article which I provided and you can find another information about this report. After your introduction, logically organize the body of the report to discuss the issue noted above. Conclude your report by summarizing your research,highlighting the most relevant information for your employers, and justifying your recommended action. Use APA style. Thank you!

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