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Respond to the following questions using influential management abilities:




Imagine that you are a manager responsible for choosing which new project to support. Your budget is limited, and you can only support one new project. You must make a hasty decision. Your staff just presented you with their individual ideas. Each project has merit, and you feel they all have an equal chance. At the last end of the meeting, your team memebers all make a last-minute appeal to win your support.


Jose : “You are a great leader and have always made great decisions for the team. I’m sure you’ll choose the best one this time, too.”


Kira : “You’ve always said we should aim high. I think my idea will help our company reach new markets and raise up to the next level.”


John : “I think my idea has the highest chance for a good return on our investment with the least risk. My market research is solid, and I think my idea is our best choice.”

Sandy : “I talked to the folks in marketing and they said that we were really onto something with my idea. I think they really support this project and hope you choose it.”  


Questions needing to be answered:

1.      1.  What influence tactics did each staff member use?


2.      2.  Which influence tactic do you think would best persuade you to choose that person’s idea? Why?



3.      3.  Which influence tactic do you think would be least effective in persuading you to choose that person’s idea? Why?  



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