INF 103 Week 2 Quiz ~ ( All Bellow Mentioned Questions Answered Correctly ~ Perfect Tutorial )

Question 1. While doing online research you enter this wildcard character: M ?et 

Which of the following would be a possible response to your search? 

Question 2. Which company was the maker of the number one software suite in the world in the 1990s?

Question 3. Google uses what strategy for matching web pages to your searching requests?

Question 4. Vannevar Bush imagined a desktop computing machine that would allow people to access data stored in various information centers throughout the world. This device was called a: 

Question 5. Which of the following is the tool used to automatically search new information on the internet and organize it for future searches? 

Question 6. Boole’s theories of logic set the foundation for what aspect of computing today?

Question 7. Which application software allows you to compose written ideas on a computer?

Question 8. While doing online research you enter this keyword search with a truncation character: man* Which of the following would not be a possible response to your search?

Question 9. Which of the following is NOT an example of a metasearch engine?

Question 10. When a video becomes so popular online that people begin tweeting, blogging, and emailing their friends about it, it is called: 

Question 11. Google’s main model for generating profit is: 

Question 12. Which of the following is NOT a Google product? 

Question 13. Information resources that point the user towards data that they are looking for, and are organized according to a predefined scheme are called: 

Question 14. The BEST description of a proprietary database is one that: 

Question 15. If you wanted to look up an article from the Chicago Tribune the best place to start would be:

Question 16. Which of the following was the first commercial software package to incorporate WYSIWYG as a feature? 

Question 17. A custom information field that helps users to find a specific document is called a: 

Question 18. Famed science fiction writer H. G. Wells once envisioned something to store vast amounts of information. What did he call it?  

Question 19. In 2007 Google Maps unveiled Street View. What does this feature allow you to do?

Question 20. Of the following individuals, who was the most recent to develop information searching tools online? 

Question 21. What is the name of the personal digital assistant in Apple’s smart phone?      



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