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1) Everyone needs to continue work on their neighborhood profile: consider how you want to open it, how you want to close it, make sure you’ve got a AT LEAST ten paragraphs — and those paragraphs need to each be *at minimum* half a page long, some longer. Put in transitional sentences between paragraphs — wherever you think you need them. All told, what you turn in should be at minimum six pages, double-spaced. If you need ideas about how to expand, look at the list of suggestions I have in last week’s folder.

2) Another way to expand: you may also incorporate work from a “neighborhood joints” into this (as long as you condense it into one paragraph — remember, every paragraph needs to be tightly focused.)

3) As always, write with specificity.Your personal observations should always with preicse descriptions: sights, sounds, smells. 

4) Incorporate statisitics/key dates into this. For example, in a paragraph about the people in your neighborhood, incorporate census info (how many people actually live there, for example? What’s the ethnic breakdown of your neighborhood?). About crime — incorporate crime rates. About a park, or a building, etc — when was it built?

5) Incorporate at least five facts  from news articles. For example, if you have a paragraph aboout a particular park– what are some things that have happened in the park? Find out bu searching in a newspaper. Remember the annotated bibliographies you completed about your own neighborhoods? Where might you incorporate some of that research? Could you insert any of it into a paragraph already written? Or do you need to write a new paragraph? 

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