Hum 112 Week 2 Homework

Please attach responses to the link provided.DO NOT TYPE THE ANSWERS DIRECTLY INTO THE TEXT BOX.  All answers should be typed in a WORD DOC and attached to the link provided in the assignment. This is the same process students use to submit writing assignments. I will not accept assignments that are not in the proper format . This also includes documents that are created in an .rtf , .wps , or .odt  format. My computer only reads .doc and .docx . If a student has Word this is done for them automatically.


After watching the video  on the Palace of Versailles in the Instructor Insights please answer the following: Explain why  Louis XIV wanted to build the palace of Versailles? The first building campaign began for what reason? During the third campaign what major room was created? Palace of Versailles lost its function as a royal palace after what event? During the renovation effort of the mid twentieth century, name one improvement implemented in the effort to bring the palace back to its full glory.

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