Hum 112 Week 2 Discussion

The Arts and Royalty; Philosophers Debate Politics” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:The philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke disagreed on the understanding of political authority, with Locke taking what is commonly called the “liberal” view. Choose a side (be brave perhaps; take a side you actually disagree with). Using the writings of each given in our class text or at the Websites below, make your case for the side you chose and against the other side. Identify one (1) modern situation in the world where these issues are significant.

Requirements for the post:

Make sure that the initial post is at least 175 words

Classmate response should be at least 5 sentences

Students ARE NOT allowed to copy/paste material from the web and present it in the thread as their own. BE SURE to paraphrase, summarize and document when appropriate. If I am unable to catch these unintentional instances of plagiarism during the week, the only other time I will catch them is in the thread. If I find them in the thread students will receive a zero, and there is no make up of threaded discussion posts. 


Philosophers Debate PoliticsChapter 24 (pp. 776-7; 803-805)Hobbes: text at http ://oregonstate .edu /instruct/phl 302/texts/hobbes /leviathan-contents.html ; summary at http ://plato .stanford .edu /entries/hobbes -moral/ ; also http ://jim .com/hobbes .htm Locke: text at http ://www .thenagain .info/Classes/Sources/Locke-2ndTreatise .html ; General background of the concept at http ://www .digitalhistory /teachers/lesson_plans

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