Public speaking reaction paper.

You should evaluate the speaker’s message, how it was presented, and what the purpose of the message was.  Report on what techniques the speaker used to persuade or inform the audience such as humor, questions, statistics, quotes, emotional appeals, testimonials, etc… You will be analyzing the speaker’s message and the speaker’s delivery style. 

Things to include in your paper:

§  Speaker’s name, date and place of event

§  What was the speaker’s primary message? 

§  How did he/she relay that message?  

§  How did the speaker prove his/her credibility? 

§  What techniques did the speaker use? (examples, stats, quotes, humor, etc…)

§  Was the information organized and easy to follow?

§  Did you know what the main points of the speech were? 

§  Did the speaker have a good delivery style?

o  Discuss the speaker’s verbal delivery (volume, rate, pitch, etc..)

o Discuss nonverbal characteristics (movement, gesture, eye contact, etc…)

§  How did the speaker relate the info to the audience?

§  What did the speaker do well? 

§  How could the speaker have done better?

Feel free to add any comments or other communication ideas that we have discussed in class. This paper should be 2 FULL pages.

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