How do you know 2+2 = 4? Given your answer, are you a Rationalist, or an Empiricist?

Answer the question fully in all its parts. You are making a claim about something, making an argument, and using examples from the Primary Texts I have attached as files you have read and your own experience.

DISCUSSION QUESTION CHOICE #1: Epistemology: The Math Question: Rationalists, like Descartes, argue that there is such a thing as “Innate Knowledge”, while Empiricists argue that knowledge comes from the experience of the senses.

Explore this debate.

Answer the question: How do you know 2+2 = 4?  Given your answer, are you a Rationalist, or an Empiricist?

Use both Descartes’ Meditations and your own reasoning in your argument. I have attached as files

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