Historical Data Visualization

Week 3 Data Analysis – Multi-Dimensional Visualization As you do this assignment, consider the historical data visualization developed by Charles Minard  describing Napoleon’s army march toward and eventual retreat from Moscow (Found in this week’s presentation).

Use your imagination to develop your own data visualization that displays several dimensions with a single plot.  (For example, color of data points can be used to categorize  one dimension, while the size of the data point can represent a dimension related to magnitude.)

The assignment scoring is based on the originality of the display, the number of dimensions displayed, and readability.  The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link.

Examples of this type of multidimensional visualization can be found at these website; however, for this assignment you are not creating a dashboard, but rather a single widget that will provide a minimum of 5 dimensions from a single data point. 

Website:http://www.dundas.com/learning/samples https://public.tableau.com/s/gallery

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