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Write a 3 to 5 page paper (750 to 1200 words, not including the cover page and reference page) in APA format in response to the prompts below. Please click here to view the criteria by which you will be assessed for the achievement of the CLO for this unit. Please use this APA Sample provided in Unit 1 to complete your assignment. Respond to the prompts in one long cohesive essay (do not just answer the questions in a Q&A format). Select a firm to analyze.

a.    Discuss the two cost leadership approaches described in Question 4.7 (page 125) and argue which of these approaches seems more reasonable for the firm you selected in Unit 1. Describe the conditions that would make each approach make more or less sense.

b.   Assuming that the firm you selected in Unit 1 is the firm you are advising. Read the Ethics and Strategy information on the “Race to the Bottom” on page 111. Your company is considering  moving its manufacturing to China or Western Europe. What product differentiation strategies do you recommend for your firm? What ethical guidelines should the company have in place prior to signing an agreement with a firm? Describe the advice you would give to them regarding their product differentiation and cost leadership advantage.


Instruction: The purpose of the discussion question is to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the unit’s key learning points and how you might apply them in given situation. Participating in the discussion question forum provides you with an opportunity to compare your ideas to ideas from others in your class.

Respond to the following discussion question. To earn full credit, post a response of 150 words that includes at least 1 APA citation and the associated reference; post a substantive response to at least 2 class members.

The MEAL format for paragraphs includes one sentence for each of the following: Main idea, Evidence with citation, Argument or Analysis with citation, Last or cLosing sentence.

Discuss the two sides of the argument surrounding whether or not firms can implement product differentiation and cost leadership simultaneously. Include a brief discussion of which side you think is right and why?

This forum allows each person to start one discussion topic.

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